The Ultimate Checklist to Ensure Growth on Social Media

Whether you have a small following or a large following, here are some items we think are essential for growing and keeping engagement up on your social media account. 

1. Create Different Types of Content

Only creating one type of content does not allow for reaching new audiences in an area you might be missing out on. For example, if you only post feed posts on Instagram you are missing a lot of potential new customers or followers by ignoring story posts and, or reel posts. Branching out allows for experimentation to see which type of content works the best for your business and for your target demographic. For best results, it is beneficial to try all features you can, to increase your exposure

2. Get Active on Direct Message

It is extremely important to check your direct messages on social media. Staging active on checking your messages is crucial to check if someone has questions, concerns, or is interested in working with you. Missing a message can mean missing an opportunity for a new customer/ client

3. Trying Out New Features

Social media apps usually add new features, and it is important to stay up to date on them. You should take advantage of new features that could become popular, or helpful to better your experience on the app. One example is when Instagram added the Reels feature which is a huge way for accounts to reach new audiences. Being early on a feature like that can bring a lot of attention to your account.

4. Engage With Audience

Your audience is close to or is a current customer of yours so engaging with them is a major item on the list. It is crucial to build a community with your followers to have a good relationship with them. This is an important step because your engagement will go up, and they have more trust in your business to make a purchase rather than not communicating with your audience. Your audience is close to or is a current customer of yours so engaging with them is a major item on

5. Identify the Best Content

Keeping up with checking which content is bringing you the most engagement is useful to maximize that content and keep engagement up. Figuring out which content works best for you saves you time, and time is money. This way you can focus on creating the content that gives you actual results while experimenting with other types to continue expanding the content your followers want to see.

6. Weekly Evaluation

You should also do a weekly evaluation with progress, and any changes on your account. This could include how many followers you gained, how much you posted, average likes, comments, saves, shares, and more as you see fit. Having the averages and number of posts helps you see the correlation between them, then you can experiment using that information. After that, you can alter your type of posts, and the number of posts to see what works for you and change it to maximize engagement.

There are always new tricks found to grow on social media but starting with finding what works for you and altering your strategy to your followers/target audience is a great start. Hope this helps, you’ve got this!

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