Content Pillars 101: What is it & How to Use it

If you’re not always sure of what to post on social media, and it’s frustrating to create content efficiently…I’ve got the solution for you! 


What are content pillars? 

Content pillars have been a buzzword in the marketing/social media industry but its kind of hard for business owners to define what they are so the way that I like to describe it is; specific topics or themes that define your business which then helps create the foundation for your overall content strategy. These pillars have to clearly define and focus on your business and what you offer, this will signal to your audience what your business is all about. 

Having content pillars will make coming up with and scheduling your content a breeze so you don’t feel overwhelmed! This ensures that the content you share has purpose and strategy. Usually content pillars are made up of 3 to 5 main categories that you want all of your content to focus around. 

How do you choose your pillars? 
  • Take a look at your analytics and hone in on what attracts your audience.  
  • Look at industry trends and what your competitors are doing. 

Here are some options for pillars: 
  • Personal content: Things in this pillar are ALL about YOU! Your stories and experiences give your audience a sneak peek into your life and help them gain a personal connection with you. Clients choose your business because of you. Your values, mission, practices, and style. Your business is successful because of you! 
  • Educational content: You want to highlight that you are the expert, create authority, and provide value. Your target audience had most likely tried to do it on their own and not executing or just has no confidence to do it on their own at all. The educational content you provide is a huge part of your strategy! 
  • Entertainment: Have fun, get silly, show your personality.
  • Promotional: Showcase your services, highlight your value and straight up sell your stuff.

Why use content pillars? 
  • It keeps you organized: instead of just creating content, they help you create a calendar that covers topics for your brand. 
  • It helps you remember your target audience: they serve as a guide for crafting specific content for specific people 
  • It helps you to come up with content ideas and relevant topics for your brand. 

Below you can see examples of a beauty brand’s content pillars & sub-contents: 

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