4 Steps To Help Find Your Marketing Niche

Whether you are marketing yourself or your company, finding your niche is essential to grow within social media platforms. Finding your niche can be difficult to pinpoint and sometimes a little overwhelming. If you are having trouble figuring out where your brand fits into the online community, continue reading!

1. Start By Making a List of Any Interests or Hobbies

This is a great place to begin, writing a list of your passions will help you see the potential of your business. When you see your list you may notice that a couple of interests and hobbies can be grouped together. For example, if you enjoy hiking, golfing, and swimming those can be grouped into outdoor activities. The more knowledge you know about a subject the better. It is important to list interests that you care about and make sure that they align with your brand. 

2. Find a Gap/Need Within Your Top Niche Markets

After narrowing down your list, do some research. Look at popular topics within your niche and see if there is something missing from the market. Explore different social media outlets, each platform is used for a different reason. Join Facebook groups that line up with your target audience and gain more insight. You can look at Quora and Reddit to see what your target audience is yearning for. Figure out how you can fill in a gap that is missing from the community.

3. Launch Your Idea

After gathering all the necessary information, you can now enter the market. Launch your social media page or website displaying your idea. If you are marketing yourself as an influencer create an account that you believe you can grow on the most. Post content and pay attention to the post that performs better than others. If you are a business launch your website and use paid ads with keywords that you believe will differentiate you from the competition. Use website analyics to see how you can better direct traffic to your site. This step requires a lot of trial and error, even after all the research your idea may end up looking different than how it began. 

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